Kathleen Murray

I have always been a seeker, a musician, an artist and journeyer. The psychic abilities that I was born with flourished when I began working with crystals. I was clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient to a degree before I began working with crystals. Since and especially after my first crystal skull came into my life my abilities have developed and continue to do so!

So now I have Sammie, a skull who says he/she was not carved on the Earth, full of stories of our stellar heritage. Kalif, a contemporary carved skull with Lemurian wisdom and Jade an ancient skull, whom I believe has been used in many different cultures and has vast powers of transformation. I also have an ancient double jade skull called the Twins.

My job as guardian is to take these skulls out for people to experience their beauty, wisdom and healing.  I love it! It is my belief that every opportunity we are given in this life is for our own journey of healing, growing into the Wholeness of Love. My interactions with crystal skulls have always been to further and deepen my spiritual journey and they are part of the heritage of humanity. I hope you enjoy your experience with them, for this is the work they will do with you!  

           In Love and Peace, Kathleen 2010

Kathleen Murray is the Director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, in Rhynie Scotland, where she runs 2 year part time Diploma courses(accredited by ACHO- Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations and members of British Crystal Healers) for Crystal and Gem Therapy; Colour Therapy and Advanced Vibrational Medicine (accredited by ACTO- Association of Colour Therapy Organisations).










At the moment I am too busy with my teaching commitments in Scotland and Europe to be able to offer one to one sessions regularly.  Usually I have a waiting list and the most I can promise you is being added to the list. At some times during the year it is possible for me to catch up with these sessions, I will contact you to tell you when I have an appointment free.

One to one remote sessions: this is for people who can't travel to see me. I will use the Crystal Keys material to give you a vibrational reading and I will set up a healing field for you. I make vibrational remedies and send you a CD with any guidance offered, which I channel through my guides from your higher self. You can ask questions by email.

Cost £50.00

When I do personal appointments in my home, I offer you a healing experience with the crystals and skulls, often this is in the form of a shamanic journey which is recorded on CD with any guidance given. I use the Crystal Keys material to give you a vibrational picture and remedies.

Cost £70.00


Channelling from the Council of Lemurian Elders

January 13th 2012

Greetings to you Loved Ones, this is the Council of Lemurian Elders, here with great joy and pleasure to share with you today.


Loved Ones, this is to tell you of how Loved you are and we know that we can never tell you enough of this truth. You are the Ones to let this into your consciousness, to let Divine Love permeate all of your being. So you can play the roles you came on Earth this time to play, to enjoy and to share.


You are here to discover how vast you are and how the universe you create needs your love and inspiration, the breath of life. We are here to remind you of the power each one of you has in many dimensions including the Earthly one. If you have chosen to incarnate in this time, it is in your soul’s purpose to live this life to the fullest you can imagine, and then beyond your imaginings. It is the time now to let go of the restrictions and limited beliefs that bind you into experiences you have completed, but still cling onto for security and familiarity. Each one of you may have created individual dramas and scenarios to hold you tethered to the past, but you are linked in your human-ness to believe you are not worthy.


We are sure you understand the concept of embracing the Divine in you, what we are talking about is not a concept that can’t be fully integrated, it is a concept that can make you come alive and that only you can make come alive in you. You could have fun every moment or at least every day in your lives creating a space inside you to come alive with your Divine power.


We know you are more frightened of your selves than you are of other things. Your fear binds you together in other reality scenarios which directly oppose the Divine living in you on the Earth. Your fear is a mask, a hollow identity with which you have become familiar. But we have to say to you that you are taking a lot of energy to recreate time and time again this web of emotional and mental density separating you from your sense of Divine union.


We’d like you to understand; as Ones that Love you greatly, and realise that you are actively creating this separation. You may not think you do, but that is only your conscious mind. Unconsciously you are creating; subconsciously you are creating the separation. Have no fear of separation, allow the illusion it is to impact in your heart, until you can feel inside of yourself that you are you in total acceptance - blind acceptance, faithful acceptance forging a loyalty in yourself.


Through this you can give yourself the freedom to break out of familiar situations that hold you trapped. Every step you can make towards your own freedom you shine a Light and transmit a resonance to call others who face the same fears in themselves to follow your Light and your example. We ask you to focus on your goals, imagining them in every possible moment, until there is no separation between the realised realities of your goals and now, this now moment.


The energies you can use to bring the future you dream of into this now are Faith, Trust in the unimaginable, Hope that is Divine (and not devalued hope) and a Love that is passionate in its presence. A Love that is commanding in its passion and ever expanding in its compassion, for self, and for all others.


You often forget the support you have in the Love that surrounds you. This is your choice; you are making it with energy every day. What would your life be like if you were free from these restrictions and limiting creations? What would your life be like if you had all of your energy to spend on creations that align you more and more with your Divine Being? You would have so much energy, to enjoy life and to make more of a difference to others you love and all sentient beings. Please spend some time imagining how different your life would be.


Every step on the path to Freedom creates freedom consciously. Freedom is not a static goal, it is a movement, and our gift to you now as you are reading this is to show you this wave of freedom coming towards you and engulfing you. Imagine a sea swelling with a movement that is unpredictable, huge and you know you can be lost in it forever if you reach out or take a step into that wave or rolling sea. The truth is that you will not be lost in it forever; it is a means to an end. Freedom is a choice to rediscover what is deep within you, what is truly your birthright. The self worth that holds your Divine Being. The power of Love you have that creates change and resets discordant resonances and inharmonious realities into higher and higher truth.


Freedom is not the goal it is the transport which takes you to you, to the everlasting Light you are carrying Hope, Faith, Trust, Love and Joy as your Divine expression of self. You are a facet of the Divine presence that is vast in this universe, what facet do you choose to embody now?


 Innocence is a facet which is precious in restoring justice, faith, happiness, joy and devalued hope.

Can you call yourself innocent? Can you authorise your own innocence to set yourself free? Can you create the power in you that stands up for truth, no matter what? No matter what fears to face? Can you imagine yourself like a tumbling ball rolling down a hill with a momentum that is unstoppable? This could be you without your restrictions and limiting beliefs, choosing freedom as an active ingredient in your spiritual travel and daily earthly voyage. Freedom is action, but not an action you have to take after stepping into this way of living. Your first choice before the action of freedom is a passive choice - the choice of allowing yourself to surrender, just to let go all that is binding you into frustration and the illusion of powerlessness.


What we ask of you is to give away to us all the things that are holding you static, holding you into the pattern of who you think you are, or who you have created yourself to be in this life, but not that One who is really deeply inside you, the soul who desires expression in this incarnation. You all have personality expressions which are clearly not you, certainly not the you we know as a vast Light Being carrying Love. These expressions are best seen as creations which are parts of you in evolution and take the opportunity to unite them in your hearts in full acceptance. They are expressions of the power of your creation! Always, no matter the choices you make to individualise your creations, just see and perceive them as expressions of your power of creation. Can you look at them/you without judgement and perhaps with a bit of humour?


So what we are saying is that even the creations (aspects of you) that you acknowledge as challenges and that make you cringe because you know the bad behaviour and suffering you have caused others and yourself are powerful! Of course they are. The more you have suffered in a reality the more you will learn the power of your creations. The graceful lesson is to realise your creation and make the choice to end the fuelling of that reality with your emotions and belittling beliefs. To end the continuous energy that you are giving out, spending, fuelling on unmeritable creations.


You might tell yourself that you are frightened of your power, but we may say you are not! Not in the way you think, because if you were truly frightened of your power you would not be creating anything at all! You all have unrecognised power – that is frightening! You are unconsciously wielding and subconsciously manifesting unrecognised power; unrecognised and unrealised power. So this is power that is not Divine, but it could be. You could realise your Divine potential and then that would bring an immense change as this freedom wave engulfs your being.


Awareness is a state of change. What you need is a breakthrough - a breakthrough in your consciousness. One that you can create in your awareness and consciously reinforce in any moment you choose, and in any reality you choose; breakthrough in your surrender to join the movement of freedom.  


Loved Ones know the truth of your power, your state of awareness can bring change, change to your consciousness, to your reality and change to your cellular structure, to the parts of your creation which embody your Divine codes. They are held within the Light of your living and changing DNA. You know the truth of Unity, of no separation. You know the truth of your power; surrender your fears however great and however small to activate yourself into the fullness of your presence on Earth.  The vastness of the Light Beings who carry the potent Love of transformation is held within your DNA. All your ancestors, who may be you in another incarnation, support your and their evolution. You have a great force of transformative Love to engulf you and overwhelm you in the seas of future potential.


There are seven easy steps for you to take into releasing who you are into your own awareness.


One – Surrender your restrictions and limitations.


Two – Move into the chaos of freedom and be swept into a higher attunement of Oneness in yourself and with All in Creation.


Three – Allow the unconscious in you to evolve to a higher level of truth, resetting truth and justice in all spheres of your realities.


Four – Welcome change in your daily lives as indications that you are willing and ready to embrace and accept your power.


Five – Enjoy your creations, whatever they are, and have humour when they are not creations you want in your life now. Forgive yourself.


Six – Love all that you are with all the details and be compassionate with yourself as you learn.


Seven – Be assured your creations influence your DNA and you can unravel any karmic situations. You are all that you dreamed you can be, and you are more than you can imagine, especially when you allow the Light of your truth to carry your Love and the transformative power of your Love.


Shine Loved Ones; shine the Love of your Creation!


We Love you forever,

In Peace,


The Council of Lemurian Elders

Rhynie, Scotland

13th January 2012












Anyway, I digress somewhat, yeah, I was telling you about crystals. Well, I met up with an old and very dear friend, whom I’d not seen for many years, her name is Kathleen Murray. I knew Kathleen was, as I put it “into” crystals in a huge way. For Kathleen, crystals are her life, in my opinion, what she doesn’t know about the subject is probably not worth knowing. I spent the day with Kathleen at her house in Rhynie, she has more crystals than you can shake a stick at! Some of her more precious companions are Crystals Skulls, she is their caretaker, providing them with comfort, love and a lovely environment in which to live. All sounds a bit weird doesn’t it? If you ever have the opportunity to meet Kathleen and visit with her in her home, you’ll appreciate exactly what I mean.

So, there I was holding this pretty big crystal skull [Kalif], that apparently wanted to sit with me a while. Maybe it sensed that I wasn’t too good at the time and was in need of comforting and healing? Anyway, to cut a long story short, as I was leaving, Kathleen disappeared and returned with a crystal, she told me that the crystal had chosen me and wished to be my companion. I readily accepted the wonderful gift, we said our goodbyes and I was off home.


The upshot of this story is that, I went out there feeling really horrid and at very low ebb. Now, on the way home, my depression started to lift (I had my new crystal friend in my pocket) and by the time I got home it had cleared almost completely. My thoughts were, and still are, sharp, clear and together. So, I ask you once again, do crystals have power? Maybe I just wanted to believe, but you know what, I really don’t think so, there is so much more to this than meets the eye.

December 2010